Best Part - The Mission

The coolest thing about The Mission Belt is that every time one is sold a family gets a chance to be self-sufficient to stave off hunger and poverty. It’s a hand up and not a hand out. I really dig that about The Mission Belt. It’s a rad Mission!

Second Best Part - Quality

The second coolest thing about the Mission Belt is that it’s the best belt I have every owned. It is made from 100% genuine leather. It is supple to the touch and I have been wearing it for months now with absolutely no signs of wear and tear. It’s amazing!

Third Best Part - No Holes

The third best thing is the no-holes feature of the buckle and belt. I’ve seen boy scout belts and even T-Belts before but never have I seen a nice leather belt without holes
. I always hated holes in my belt. I fluctuate a size or two over the year and nothing shouts, I’ve gained five pounds recently better than a used hole in a belt. It’s embarrassing and it looks sloppy. The Mission Belt eliminates the holes and the sloppiness. It’s a winner.

Fourth Best Part - Variety

I first bought The Black Belt and I loved it and thought to myself, “if only these came in brown.” To my delight I found the web page and it was pretty easy. I just typed in WWW.MISSIONBELT.COM and sure enough it was The Mission Belt web page and just as sure there were other colors. I bought the Chocolate belt and the Alpine White belt and I couldn’t have been more happy with the options. The Chocolate really was the perfect brown that I was looking for the Alpine White belt just blew my socks off. It was the prettiest thing I ever saw. I had to have it.

Fifth Best Part - Versatility

I originally thought of The Mission Belt as a dress belt and it works for that like a charm. In fact, I get compliments and people asking me about the Black Belt all the time. But I was blown away by how versatile the belt ended up being. I can dress The Mission Belt down with ease. It looks great with khakis, jeans, and even with a pair of boardshorts. I am totally surprised by the Alpine White Belt. It goes with all my fun non-work clothes and I love it. I understand that red, blue, and grey are coming soon and I can’t wait. Finally there is a company that specializes in belts.

July 12, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts