31-year-old Nabil is a man who lives in the large city Sana'a, the most populated area in Yemen. His peers and family describe him as being pleasant, happy, and enthusiastic about life. His family is the motivating factor in his life, and he has dedicated his life to providing them with the best he can offer.

In his pursuit to provide for his family, Nabil went to a local school and earned his bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, he was unable to enter into a professional career and ended up joining the Army.

Even though he works in the Army, he has enough free time that he would like to pursue more work.

 Nabil in front of the Taxi he wishes to purchase.

Nabil is asking for a loan to be able to purchase a Taxi and a license for his city. The extra money brought in by being a Taxi driver would help him provide a better life for his wife and his 4 children. He is doing well with the Taxi business and is already beginning to pay back the loan. He has been very thankful for the opportunity to continue working hard, and he continues to be very enthusiastic about the future.

The Mission Belt Co is proud to support hardworking people like Nabil. Sometimes all it takes to make the next step in life is for someone to receive an opportunity. When you purchase a Mission Belt, you are providing opportunities like this all around the world.

February 04, 2013 — Jeff Jensen