What is an Automatic Belt? Some call it a ratchet belt while others call it a slide belt. At the end of the day it is a no holes Mission Belt. It's often times called an automatic belt because all you have to do is insert the tip into the buckle and it automatically catches in place. After that you just have to adjust it to your perfect fit. It will automatically be your number one belt the minute you put it on.

The reverse fo the Mission Belt buckle. See the retention lever and magnet?

As you insert the no holes belt tip into the buckle you will hear a click, click, click as retention teeth glide over the retention lever.

Automatic Belt

Try on a Mission Belt today and you will automatically be a fan. The Automatic Belt is the next phase and next generation in belt design. It is sleek, comfortable, and good looking. With an automatic belt like this you could literally rule the world. But you will be too busy enjoying your world class Mission Belt to worry about little things like ruling the world.

World Class Mission

In addition to making a world class automatic belt, the Mission Belt Co. is aggressively fighting hunger. We are using a dollar from every belt to help families in need. But it's a hand up and not a hand out. There are lots of hard working people all over the world who just need a little capital to get their production increased or farm started. That is where we step in, with the help of Mission Belt customers from everywhere. This last week we deployed cash to over 20 well deserving, hard working families from all over the world. With the money we sent them they will be able to feed themselves better and hopefully have a little extra to either convert to cash or barter to fill the nutrition gaps in their diets or just get ahead a little bit more. Thanks for fighting the good fight with us and thanks for buying an automatic belt from the Mission Belt Co.

August 12, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts