Hacar is a 44 year old wife and mother to 4 children. She is an internally displaced person meaning that she had to flee her home but still resides in her home country, Azerbaijan. Although she's had to relocate she still lives a full life with her family.

Since her husband's pension isn't enough to cover the needs of the family, Hacar started her own business to supplement their needs. Because beef is a popular and almost everyday staple in her local area, she decided to start raising cattle and selling the meat for profit. She also has two milking cows with which she makes fresh yogurt and milk   which she also sells in her community.

Because beef is a very popular food, she has been unable to keep up with demand for the meat that she sells. She requested a loan so that she can buy more cattle to raise and eventually sell.

Hacar and one of her cows

The Mission Belt Company has been honored to support Hacar in fulfilling her short term goals. She has been a great example of how hard work reaps many rewards as her business continues to grow. She has already begun to pay back her loan and she hopes to be able to continue to support her family with the profits she makes. 

Helping Hacar would not have been possible with out everyone who has purchased a Mission Belt. We donate one dollar to people worldwide in similar situations for each belt that we sell. Join in on our mission to help give people a hand up, not a hand out by purchasing one of our belts today!

May 10, 2013 — Wes Moss