Tolotea is a 25 year old mother and wife who lives in Samoa.

To provide for her family and make ends meet, Tolotea has been running a small plantation where she grows taro and bananas. She has requested a loan through Kiva so that she could purchase various supplies for her farm such as, fertilizer, plant sprayer, and a wheelbarrow. 

Tolotea near her plantation

Tolotea hopes to be able to improve her profits by expanding her business. She has been working hard and has been able to repay 3/4 of her loan. With the added income she hopes to be able to improve the quality of living for her husband and two children.

The Mission Belt Co is proud of the hard work and desire that Tolotea has shown, and is a great example of what we hope to accomplish through our mission.

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May 28, 2013 — Wes Moss