Born and raised in El Salvador, Gloria Mary is a wife and mother who runs her own chicken raising business. She is no newcomer to the agricultural field, as she has been involved in farming and raising livestock for over 30 years. She has focused her business on mostly raising and selling chickens in her local community.

Gloria Mary's family has grown and she now has a grandchild living with her, so to be able to support her growing family she has requested a loan through Kiva that will help her purchase more chicks for raising, and also make improvements to her chicken coop.

With the increase of sales she hopes to provide the opportunity for her children and grandchild to receive an education.

Gloria Mary on her farm

Even though Gloria Mary has successfully run her business for over 30 years, circumstances have changed and she needed a little extra help. Mission Belt Co has been honored to support her through a Kiva loan, and we are glad to report that she is doing well. Gloria Mary has already repaid the entirety of her loan and her business has grown.

A part of our mission is to end the poverty cycle and we proud that Gloria Mary is doing her best to provide for her family's future. 

We have helped hundreds of individuals and families throughout the world and it is only possible because of our amazing customers. Every time we sell a Mission Belt we donate one dollar to people like Gloria Mary who are seeking a hand up in life. You can join in our mission by purchasing a belt today!

The Black Magic Mission Belt.

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June 17, 2013 — Wes Moss