Gregorio lives in the Ngileb Alfonso Lista, Philippines with his wife and two children. Together they raise hogs. Big hogs! They take a lot of work and they eat a lot of feed. On the side for extra income they grow corn which helps feed the hogs too. Gregorio wants to buy some additional piglets this year and will need some small capital to buy the pigs and their feed to raise them. He hopes that with these additions he can grow his small business and sustain his family better with food and additional income. Gregorio is no shirker. He works hard but just needs a little hand up to maximize his effort. That is why the Mission Belt Co is so eager to lend the hand. It isn't a hand out. It's just a hand up. 

Hog wild for Mission Belts

We are so pleased that so many of you have purchased a ratcheting Mission Belt. Gregorio and family are happy too. Raising hogs is not an easy or pleasant job but it can provide a good living if you work hard at it. Gregorio is the perfect candidate for the Mission Belt charitable wing. He has a family, he is involved with crops and livestock, a portion of the the production helps feed his family better, and the excess production fills the gaps in his family's diet and health. It's a win win situation for everyone. The best part is Gregorio will not need further assistance from the Mission Belt Co or any other organization. He is self-sufficient and will continue to be productive and successful. Thanks everyone for being a part of the Mission. It's making small differences in a big way. 

August 24, 2012 — Jeff Jensen